Louis Amanti: ‘Listo para Hispanicize 2016’

amantiLouis Amanti, the new exponent of romantic music and jazz, has been invited to be one of the guest speakers during the first ever Music Town Hall at Hispanicize 2016.
Music Gatekeepers Town Hall will take place on Wednesday, April 6 from 3:00 on – 4:00 pm, at the Intercontinental Hotel downtown Miami.  During the Music Town Hall industry notables will discuss; with the music industry ever changing and the insertion of social media becoming a huge component of how artists labels producers and songwriters expose their music to the masses, who are the new gatekeepers.  Amanti’s homemade video cover of Nat King Cole’s classic “L-O-V-E” has reached over one million views on YouTube.
Music Gatekeepers Town Hall moderators are:
Vanessa James – Music Director of Hispanicize, Multi-Media host, and Lifestyle and Travel writer for USA Today, Latina.com, and The Latin Kitchen.
Katherine Johnson-Gunn – Partner and co-founder of Hispanicize
Guest Speakers will include:
Echo – Grammy award winning producer
Fresh Kid Cue – CEO LaFame, Inc.
Andres Dalmastro – Artist manager
Natalie Davis – Marketing & special events, Poplife
Gil Gastelum – Cosmica Records
Aramis Lorie – Founder Poplife
Kike Posada – Founder Boomonline.com
Louis Amanti – Artist
Amanti a 24-year-old of Italian and Cuban heritage is an exponent of the new Jazz-Swing music movement who has been making his talents known in Miami for several years.
Louis Amanti is bringing back the era of romantic music and 2016 promises to be the breakout year for this young crooner.  Romance is back!

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