• July 21, 2015

Fraze “La Rapera”: ‘Bicultural Artist’

Fraze “La Rapera”: ‘Bicultural Artist’

frazeFRAZE “La Rapera” actress, poet – singer, songwriter and lyricist was born in the Dominican Republic. Narrating the streets of Hell’s Kitchen, where she was raised and introduced to her creative side, Yafreici Peralta, “FRAZE” –as the performing arts world knows her, is ready to make her mark on the Hip Hop and Urban Latino music world. Under the indie label FRAGMENT MUZIK, the up and coming wordsmith – lyricist, raps in her 3 native languages – English, Spanish and yes, defining a true Bicultural Artist – in Spanglish.


FRAZE is actively working on her EP with the production and guidance of FRAGMENT MUZIK’s founding producer and artist himself, Edward “NAPOLES” Grullon. NAPOLES is known for his own contributions in the Latin Urban/Latin Hip Hop genres and also Tropical genres. His past production and collaborations include acts such as: DLG, Enrique Iglesias, Romeo Santos and Prince Royce to name a few. Firmly believing in FRAZE‘s talent he shares: “I love that she can hear a beat or simply an idea … and piece it together, we work well, she delivers in that booth and that’s what’s important to me, the rest will follow suit”NAPOLES

A chemistry that is vital for the success of both parties involved; is present. Together they’ve worked on several tracks that have made their way to the street, “‘TA FRIO” featuring NAPOLES and “AFICIA DE MI LOCO,” FRAZE’s female perspective remix to the street hit, Coco. Her latest single “MOLETOSO” – a blend of Latin Hip Hop, Merengue and Trap, known as “Dembow” where FRAZE comically talks about “that one guy who just won’t leave you alone [as she lets out a chuckle] Moletoso hechate pa’ya!” (“MOLETOSO,” is slang for Molestoso, a Spanish adjective meaning “Bothersome, Annoying”)–she says gesturing someone off her shoulder) is Now Available via #iTunes, #Spotify, #Amazon and all digital platforms.


When she’s not in the studio recording, she’s participating in numerous community activities of the tri-state area, with a focus to help minorities and Latinos in the United States. These are opportunities where she utilizes her artistic platform as a positive influence giving back to her community. Not deserting the lyricist in her – on a daily basis, FRAZE connects with her fans by sharing #FREESTYLES and engaging with her fans and other artists via her Social Media platforms. #FRAZEONLINE.


FRAZE’s performing arts versatility is evident in her music where she can toggle seamlessly yet fiercely between both English and Spanish verses. This young Latina with Dominican Roots, embodies the true meaning of a new generation of Bicultural Latinos. Bringing a strong female voice to FRAGMENT MUZIK, the voice of an independent BICULTURAL FEMALE ARTIST, perhaps even a political voice, one with a performance at the United Nations and 2 college degrees under its belt, but more importantly she comes with a STORY.


Información y fotografía cortesía Fire Up Media/Fragment Muzik