• September 8, 2019



TiniInternational recording artist Tini has partnered with Colombian singer-songwriter Lalo Ebratt to release a new single, “Fresa,” along with a music video for the track. The song was written by Mauricio Rengifo, Andres Torres, Martina Stoessel and Eduardo Mario Ebratt.

“Fresa es una canción que marcará un momento muy importante en mi carrera musical porque es completamente diferente a lo que venía haciendo. Es urbana y latina, pero mucho más simple en cuanto al sonido. Soñaba con una voz como la de Lalo, que sea única y diferente, que tenga un estilo personal. Estoy feliz de compartirla con él, me parece un artista demasiado completo y especial en todo sentido. Esta canción me permitió volar e imaginar, ¡estoy muy feliz! ¡Solo espero que la gente la disfrute tanto como yo!” – TINI

English Translation: Fresa is a song that will mark a very important moment in my career because it is completely different from what I was doing. It is urban and Latin, but much simpler in terms of sound. I dreamed of a voice like Lalo’s’, unique and different, with his own personal style. I am happy to share it with him, he is a very well-rounded artist and special in every single way. This song allowed me to fly and imagine, I am very happy! I just hope people enjoy it as much as I do!” – TINI

Tini’s collaborator, Lalo Ebratt, is a Colombian singer-songwriter who mixes different types of music to create his own style. He makes up part of a collective called TRAPICAL MINDS whom are known for their forward thinking music. A mixture of colors and rhythms are the key ingredient for songs, videos, clips, and shows. He has collaborated with artists such as J Balvin, Juanes, Mario Bautista, Sharleen, Sebastian Yatra, and Belinda. In 2018, Lalo Ebratt was #1 in all digital platforms and radios in Colombia, and the only Colombian artist on Billboard in 2019.

“Fresa es la canción que le hacía falta al género, no por el sonido, sino por la combinación de dos voces jóvenes con mucha identidad, frescura y versatilidad; es la manera en que se mezclan dentro de un track que es inevitable no cerrar los ojos y bailar, así mismo es una canción muy sexy con la que se van a sentir identificados, porque alguna vez tuviste que sentir ese saborcito a fresa en unos labios 👄 Esta es de esas canciones que escuchas cuando te despiertas y te cambia el día ⚡” – LALO EBRATT

English Translation: Fresa is the song that the genre lacked, not because of the sound, but because of the combination of two young voices with a lot of identity, freshness and versatility; It is the way they mix in a track that make it inevitable not to close your eyes and dance, it is also a very sexy song with which they will identify with because you once had to feel that strawberry flavor in your lips 👄 This is one of those songs that you listen to when you wake up and your day changes ⚡” – LALO EBRATT

Fresa” coincides with Tini’s ongoing Latin American tour, and follows the release of Tini’s single, “22,” a collaboration with Latin artist Greeicy. “22” reached the number one airplay position in Argentina, and has amassed 43.5 million total audio streams, while charting in six Latin American markets. The new tracks from Tini follow the release of her sophomore album, Quiero Volver, which has accumulated 560 million combined streams globally, and is certified 2X PLATINUM in Chile and certified GOLD in Central America, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador.

With commercial success and critical praise, Tini is only trending upward. Since her 2016 debut album Tini, she has become a global phenom, with a social following of 12 million, and 2 billion combined audio and video streams. If Tini’s track record is any indication, this new collaboration is bound to be another triumph. Tini will continue to tour and release new music throughout 2019 and 2020.

Información y fotografía cortesía Universal Music Latin